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At Assencio Capital, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional financial service solutions
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Our team is highly experienced in the complexities and nuances of investment, funds management and foreign exchange,
to ensure that whatever your financial goals might be are met

Foreign Exchange Service

Our foreign exchange services are specially designed to adapt to the local market dynamics, offering clients access to end-to-end solutions in a multitude of markets locally and internationally.

Business Advisory

We provide a broad range of financial advisory services to a diverse group of blue chip companies and high net worth individuals. Our advisory services includes but not limited to investment and asset management.

Offshore Settlement

We leverage on our vast network and business relationship with top financial technology companies to provide offshore settlement services and solutions that exceeds our client’s expectations.

Your Financial Solution Hub

Assencio Capital and Investment Limited is a financial services company with a basic goal in offering forex intermediary and business advisory Services.
We expedite the buying and selling of huge volumes of foreign currency Inflows, Export proceeds,
offshore settlement, and cash across all currency.
We have an expansive network off High-Net- Worth Individuals, Corporate Organizations, and affiliates working together to acquire foreign currency from banks. Through our existing network, we have the capacity to off take large volumes of Foreign Currency Inflows across banks up to the tune of $10,000,000 monthly. We are optimistic about our ability to serve all your Foreign Currency Exchange needs at the most competitive rates. Confidentiality

Our Objective

We aim to develop a strong and sustainable business relationship with your organization. We are aware that your organization has access to Foreign Currency Inflows; and we are interested in working with you as your primary Foreign Currency off taker for both Free Funds and import and export Window Traded Funds.

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